What is motel - what services can we find in motel ?

What is motel and how it differs from hotel ?

Motel - an enterprise providing basic hotel services on a frequented transport route, the offer of which is addressed primarily to motorized travelers.
One of the most famous roads from the USA is Interstate 66 (route 66) where in historical times it was possible to spend the night in many motels.
Currently, the network of motorways connected the coasts of the united states with a much faster communication network, however, the sentiment to the 66 route remained.
Traveling for many days - without overworking with a dozen or so nights in motels is a lifestyle preferred by Americans who has a faithful group of followers around the world.

Typical motel - location near the road

Traditionally, motels are considered a cheaper alternative to expensive and luxury hotels because they are short-term accommodation usually 1 night.

The typical location of motels placed on the road gives character and determines the target group of customers. It is not difficult to guess that the main customers of the models are drivers and passengers on a long journey who want to rest and continue to drive the next day. It is obvious that temporary customers do not care about great luxuries, but only on the spot where a comfortable bathroom and basic food will be provided.

Unlike hotels, the motel will look for expensive interior decorations and the like.

Customer - who lives in a motel?

In addition to the typical motel clientele, which are travelers - there are at least two other groups using such.

Small prices for renting motel rooms make some people stay longer in a given motel and use it as a place to live. Usually, such a person stays in a motel in connection with a travel job - for example on a construction site, on a contract when they are away from their hometown.

The second group of clients are people who use a motel located away from the family home for socializing purposes, eg meeting with a lover. Location of the motel at the outlet of the city or a long distance, provides much more comfort and privacy than using a hotel in the middle of the city.

Hotel, motel or camping ?

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